The Whale shark at Koh Bon

It was a nice day for diving this week. The divers went on a diving trip to the Koh Bon dive site. Koh Bon lays about 22 kilometers northeast of Similan islands number 9 and is part of the Similan islands national park. The dive site is well known as a cleaning station for manta rays, but also the whale shark is a common sight. The diver in this video is excited and talks to the whale shark at Koh Bon. It looks like its working, the shark turns its attention to him and gets very close. If you like to have this experience yourself you can join a diving day trip or join one of the liveaboards

There is still a lot unknown about the life of these sharks. You can help to with adding photos to the Whale Sharks photo-identification library which is a visual database with encounters and of individually cataloged whale sharks. The library is maintained and used by marine biologists to collect and analyze the sighting data to learn more about these amazing creatures.

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Do you like this video?


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