Similan islands fish guide

Fish guide Similan islands

The Similan islands are famous for abundant marine life. 

Hard corals

The walls at the Similan islands are covered with hard corals like the Brain corals, Compact corals, Maze corals, Boulder corals, Lobed Pore corals, Blue corals, Warty bush corals, Fine Table corals, Solid Table corals, Funnel corals, Robust staghorn corals, Fire corals, Slipper corals, Mushroom corals Sun mushroom corals and Mushroom leather corals. The corals are protective home for many small fishes, nudibranch and other crittes  

Soft corals 

Next to the hard coral you can find the soft corals like Leafy soft coral, Hemprich’s soft coral, Black coral, Octocoral, Star coral and Bubble coral.

Every Similan island dive site information page is coming with a new detailed dive site map. The Similan islands dive sites can be visited during a Similan islands liveaboard trip or Similan islands diving daytrip.