Turtle rock dive site information

Situated on the north-western side of Similan Island 8, towards the vast expanse of the Andaman Sea, Turtle Rock dive site beckons divers with its captivating underwater scenery. This dive site derives its name from the distinctive turtle-shaped rock that protrudes from the surface, serving as a prominent marker for this aquatic haven. Coincidentally, sea turtles grace the waters around Turtle Rock regularly, adding to the allure of this mesmerizing location. Just south of this popular liveaboard site lies Waterfall Bay, further enhancing the appeal of the region.

Underwater Landscape: Boulders and Staghorn Corals

Turtle Rock dive site unfolds as a captivating series of shallow boulders and staghorn corals, tracing the edges of the island beneath the azure waves. The rocky area boasts an average depth of 15-20 meters, with sandy bottoms extending to 25 meters. Along the dive site, especially on the north side, a myriad of canyons and a few exhilarating swim-throughs awaits exploration, providing divers with a thrilling underwater playground. These swim-throughs are typically situated between 8-10 meters and the surface, offering divers the chance to navigate through nature’s own submerged maze.

Diverse Marine Life: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

What makes Turtle Rock truly enchanting is its amalgamation of mild currents, clear visibility, and a wide range of healthy and diverse marine life. From novice divers to seasoned underwater enthusiasts, Turtle Rock caters to all levels, promising an enjoyable and memorable experience beneath the waves.

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Turtle rock dive site at the Similan Islands

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