Shark fin reef dive site information

Shark Fin Reef, a spectacular underwater wonderland located 1 km southeast of Similan Island 3 (Koh Pa-Yan), beckons diving enthusiasts to explore its mesmerizing depths. This expansive dive site stretches all the way to Boulder City, boasting the title of the largest dive site among the Similan Islands. The site’s allure lies in its approximately 1-kilometer-long formation of granite boulders, cliff-like drop-offs, and three prominent pinnacles that rise above the surface at low tide, resembling the iconic fins of sharks.

Northern Dive Site: A Tale of Contrasts

Underwater Landscape

The northern section of Shark Fin Reef presents an intriguing blend of hard coral, soft coral, and gorgonian sea fans. With a maximum depth of around 20 meters, this region showcases a vibrant tapestry of marine life. As one ventures towards the southern area, the underwater topography transforms dramatically. Steep walls, a lengthy canyon, platforms, cracks, and small caves create an intricate maze waiting to be explored. Here, the depth plunges to an impressive 40 meters, offering divers an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the deep.

Two Sides of a Coin

Shark Fin Reef is akin to having two distinct dive sites in one. Divers frequently opt for a dual exploration, first navigating the deeper south side and then ascending to the north. The transition is facilitated by a large swim-through, a natural passage that seamlessly connects the two contrasting worlds beneath the surface. The allure of both sides is undeniable, making the decision to dive twice a worthwhile endeavor for any diving enthusiast.

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Shark fin Reef dive site

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