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Rocky point Dive Site

Exploring the Underwater Wonders of Rocky Point Dive Site at Similan Islands

Located just north of Similan Island 9 (Koh Ba Ngu), Rocky Point dive site, also known as North Point, stands as a captivating liveaboard dive site amidst the Similan Islands archipelago. This underwater haven boasts a cluster of massive granite boulders artfully arranged around sandy patches. The dive site offers a diverse marine landscape with captivating holes, swim-throughs, and a rich array of marine life waiting to be discovered.

Rocky Point Dive Site Overview

As divers approach Rocky Point, they are greeted by a series of breathtaking granite boulders, creating a dynamic underwater topography. Sandy patches surround these boulders, providing an ideal canvas for exploration. At around 20 meters deep, divers can navigate through intriguing holes and swim-throughs, each revealing a hidden world of marine wonders. Moving towards the shore, shallower reefs and coral gardens unfold, creating a mesmerizing transition from east to west. Further north, a sandy bottom leads to a magnificent pinnacle in deeper waters, adorned with soft coral and giant sea fans, offering a truly enchanting spectacle.

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