Hawksbill turtle at Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon bay dive site

Honeymoon Bay dive sites is nestled on the eastern side of Similan Island 4 (Koh Miang), in front of the picturesque “Haad-Lek” beach. Honeymoon Bay stands as a testament to the captivating beauty of the Similan Islands’ underwater world. This dive site, renowned for its accessibility and enchanting marine life, has become a favorite for liveaboards, especially those seeking the thrill of a night dive. As the sun sets, the waters of Honeymoon Bay transform into a realm of nocturnal wonders.

Underwater Landscape

Honeymoon Bay presents a dive experience that is both accessible and mesmerizing. The site features hard corals and rocks arranged in a north to south direction, creating a dynamic underwater landscape. A gentle slope, ranging from 5 to 10 meters, gradually descends to around 25 meters, offering divers a varied topography to explore. The predominant coral species include Staghorn and Pore coral, with small groups of rocks adorned with soft coral formations enhancing the visual spectacle.

Dive Logistics at Honeymoon Bay

Diving in the Honeymoon Bay area is characterized by its easy-going nature. Mild to moderate currents typically run in a north to south direction or vice versa, providing a comfortable environment for divers of various skill levels. The presence of numerous mooring lines on the site adds convenience, allowing divers to choose any buoy as a starting point, follow the reef’s contours, and effortlessly return to the liveaboard.

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Honeymoon Bay Dive map

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