Donald Duck bay dive site information

Donald Duck Bay is nestled at the northern end of Similan Island 8 in the Similan Islands. The dive site stands out as a captivating dive site, drawing both novice and experienced divers into its underwater wonders. The iconic “Sail Rock,” resembling the head of Donald Duck, serves as a symbolic landmark, marking this sheltered bay as a favorite among liveaboard cruise boats. Known for its ‘beach breaks’ during the day and its suitability for night or early sunset dives, Donald Duck Bay offers a unique blend of marine diversity and stunning topography.

A Natural Marvel

The bay’s allure is further enhanced by a pristine white sandy beach, creating a picturesque setting that becomes particularly popular during peak seasons. Climbing the rock formations within the bay rewards adventurers with a panoramic view of the surrounding islands. Providing a breathtaking backdrop to the underwater exploration that awaits. Diving conditions in Donald Duck Bay are generally favorable. Featuring clear waters and varied topography, making it an ideal location for an easy shallow dive experience lasting about an hour.

Underwater Landscape Donald Duck Bay

The northern side of the bay unfolds into a delightful mix of boulders and pinnacles. The depth reaching a maximum of approximately 20 meters. The seabed is adorned with hard and soft coral bommies, sea fans, and numerous swim-throughs on the western side, creating a mesmerizing environment for divers. Each boulder formation hosts a unique community of reef fish and invertebrates, adding to the diversity that characterizes this underwater haven.

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Donald Duck Bay dive site map

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