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Unveiling Breakfast Bend: A Gem of the Similan Islands

Situated to the east of Island 9 (Koh Ba Ngu), Breakfast Bend stands as one of the Similan Islands’ premier reefs, adorned with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and teeming marine life. This long and thriving reef gracefully follows the contours of the island, creating a gentle bend from north to south. It is a favored starting point for Similan Islands diving liveaboard tours originating from Phuket and Khao Lak, often chosen as the inaugural dive of the journey.

The Sunrise Reef: Origin of the Name Breakfast Bend

Morning Illumination: A Canvas of Bright Hues

The name “Breakfast Bend” finds its roots in the magical interplay of sunlight and water. As the morning sun pierces the ocean’s surface, it bathes the reef in a cascade of brighter colors, creating a mesmerizing underwater canvas. This phenomenon, combined with the distinctive bend in the reef’s shape, gives rise to its unique name. It is a testament to the ethereal beauty that unfolds during the early hours, making it the ideal time to explore this underwater sanctuary.

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Breakfast Bend divemap

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MV Camic
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MV Explorer
3,5,8 and 13 Days Liveaboard Trips

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3 or 5 Days Liveaboard Trips