Coral reef at koh Tachai information and dive map

Koh Tachai Dive Site

Halfway between the Surin Islands and the Similan Islands, the Koh Tachai dive site is at a small uninhabited island.

The main features of diving here are its submerged pinnacles, large boulders, and excellent wildlife. The top of the reef is built with excellent specimens of hard coral while deeper parts are known to have many boulders, seamounts and sea fans. It’s a good place to spot white tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, manta rays and the king of all marine animals, the whale shark. Other more common species such as large schools of barracuda, Napoleon wrasses, yellow-backed fusiliers, and bannerfish can be found in huge numbers.

All about the dive at Koh Tachai Pinnacle

The Enchanting Koh Tachai Pinnacle: Unveiling Twin Peaks of Underwater Majesty

The Koh Tachai Pinnacle, a celebrated dive site nestled between the Surin Islands and the Similan Islands, goes by various names, including Twin Peaks or The Dome. The site derives its appellations from the two prominent pinnacles that grace its underwater landscape, accompanied by a colossal dome-like granite boulder, standing as the central feature of this mesmerizing dive site.

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Koh Tachai dive map and information

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