Koh Bon dive site information and dive map

Surin islands diving day trip

Embark on the ultimate diving adventure with our Surin Islands diving day trip, where we are dedicated to ensuring you make the most of every moment beneath the waves. Picture yourself on the high-speed transfer speedboat, the Golden Cat, slicing through the azure waters, reaching the stunning Surin Islands in a mere 80 minutes. This sets the stage for an awe-inspiring journey into the heart of an underwater wonderland that awaits beneath the surface.

Swift Transfers with the Golden Cat

The adventure begins with a thrilling 80-minute ride on the Golden Cat, your gateway to the breathtaking Surin Islands. Our high-speed transfer speedboat is not just a means of transportation; it’s a part of the experience, offering you a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea as you make your way to this diver’s paradise.

Dive into the Surin Islands Experience

Upon arrival, you’ll transition seamlessly to our spacious dive boat, the MV Lapat. This vessel serves as both a diving platform and the hub for short liveaboard trips. Our friendly team awaits, ready to extend a warm welcome and provide a comprehensive briefing, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the adventure that lies ahead.

For those eager to explore the calm and shallow reefs, the Golden Cat offers an exclusive journey for snorkel enthusiasts. Meanwhile, scuba divers gear up for their first thrilling dive into the mesmerizing depths of the Surin Islands. We prioritize your experience, keeping dive and snorkel groups intentionally small to enhance safety and foster a more intimate exploration of this marine wonderland.

Unwind in Paradise during Surface Intervals

After an exhilarating first dive, our extended surface interval lunch break invites you to relax on our sun deck. Soak up the tropical sun, snorkel around the boat, or lose yourself in a good book as you recharge for the next underwater escapade. On select days, we even offer beach transfers for those yearning to feel the sand between their toes, adding an extra layer of island magic to your day.

An Afternoon of Exploration and Adventure

As the sun continues its journey across the azure sky, casting a warm glow over the Surin Islands, the post-lunch adventure unfolds, promising a symphony of colors and marine wonders. The transition from the sun-soaked deck of the MV Lapat to the crystal-clear waters is seamless as snorkelers embark on a quest to uncover another exotic location. The anticipation in the air is palpable, a shared excitement among those eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant underwater world that awaits.

Meanwhile, beneath the surface, scuba divers, their enthusiasm undiminished, gear up for their second descent into the enchanting depths of the Surin Island paradise. The dive sites selected for this leg of the journey are carefully curated to showcase the diversity of the underwater landscape. Each site presents a tableau of nature’s artistry, with coral formations that seem to defy gravity and marine life in a kaleidoscope of hues, transforming the sea into a living, breathing canvas.

Graceful sea turtle

As snorkelers gracefully glide through the shallows, they discover a hidden realm of marine beauty, encountering schools of tropical fish, elusive seahorses, and perhaps even the majestic movements of a graceful sea turtle. The snorkeling experience is designed to be immersive and educational, offering participants a chance to witness the delicate balance of life within this thriving ecosystem.

Surin Islands diving day trip

Simultaneously, scuba divers descend into the depths, where the Surin Islands reveal their most intimate secrets. The second dive unveils a different facet of the underwater world, with intricate coral gardens that harbor a dazzling array of marine creatures. From tiny, brilliantly colored nudibranchs to the regal presence of a cruising manta ray, every encounter is a testament to the richness of the Andaman Sea’s biodiversity.

The Surin Island paradise, with its thriving coral reefs and abundant marine life, becomes a stage for a spectacle that unfolds with every kick of a fin and every ripple of the ocean’s currents. The carefully chosen dive sites offer not only visual feasts but also opportunities for divers to observe the delicate interplay between the marine species, further deepening their appreciation for the underwater ecosystem.

As the afternoon sun bathes the sea in a golden glow, both snorkelers and scuba divers gradually resurface, their hearts filled with the magic of the underwater world they’ve just explored. The journey back to the MV Lapat is punctuated by animated conversations, as participants eagerly share tales of their encounters and discoveries. It’s a time for camaraderie and reflection, a collective celebration of a day well spent in the embrace of the Surin Islands.

Homeward Bound with Golden Cat

As the day’s excitement draws to a close, the Golden Cat awaits to whisk you back to Tap Lamu Pier. The return journey, starting at approximately 4:40 pm, provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on the day’s underwater wonders and share stories with fellow adventurers.

In conclusion, our Surin Islands diving day trip promises not just a journey beneath the waves but a day filled with adventure, relaxation, and the discovery of some of the most stunning underwater landscapes in the Andaman Sea. Book your spot now and let us guide you through a day of unforgettable diving and snorkeling in the enchanting Surin Islands.

    • Diving day trip from Khao Lak
    • 2 Dives
    • Surin, Similan, Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai
    • Max 4 divers with one professional guide
    • Nitrox available 
    • Best price guarantee
    • Book with local diving experts




  • 07:00 Pick up from your accommodation in Khao Lak
  • 08:00 Departure with Golden Cat speedboat from Tablamu Pier
  • 09:30 Arrive at our spacious boat, MV Lapat
  • 10:00 Boat briefing
  • 10:30 Dive One
  • 12:00 Lunch and free time to relax
  • 13:30 Dive Two
  • 15:00 Light meal
  • 15:30 Depart from MV Lapat
  • 16:50 Arrive at Tablamu Pier
  • 17:00 Transfer back to your accommodation in Khao Lak

Schedule can be changed due weather, sea conditions, instructions by the national park authorities.


Monday Similan islands
2 Dives West of Eden
Elephant Head
Tuesday Similan islands
2 Dives Eagle rock
Three Trees
Wednesday Koh Bon
2 Dives
Thursday Koh Tachai
2 dives
Friday Surin islands
2 Dives
Saturday Richelieu rock
2 Dives
Sunday Koh Bon
2 Dives



Surin islands  daytrip 2 dives : 5.300.- Baht

Richelieu rock daytrip 2 dives : 5.300.- Baht

Koh Bon daytrip 2 dives : 5.000.- Baht

Koh Tachai 2 dives : 5.000.- Baht

Similan islands 2 dives : 5.000.- Baht

Included in the price are :

  • Experienced dive guides and instructors
  • Small dive groups of 4  divers to 1 dive guide
  • 12 Liter tanks air
  • Weights
  • Lunch, fruits and snacks
  • Drinking water, softdrinks
  • Towels
  • Transfers for Khao Lak area

Excluded in the price are :

  • National park entrance and diving fees : 700.- Baht
  • Full set of diving equipment : 500.- Baht per day
  • 15 Liter tank :  200.- Baht per dive
  • Nitrox 32 % : 100.- Baht per dive
  • Dive computer : 300.- Baht per day


Surin islands : Every Friday